Standard Barriers

      Single & Double Skirting

      Led Lighting

      Heavy Duty Barriers

      Boom Arms up to 14 Metres in Length

      Rising Fence Barriers

      Manual Barriers


Car Park Barriers
System Options
Barrier installation service
Retrofit service
Automatic number plate recognition
Cards & fobs
Mobile phone entry
Token machines
Long Range Readers
Long range readers allow for access to be limited without the need for users to show a card.
Vehicle counting allows simple capacity control for multiple parking lots. Cars belonging to a company are granted access as long as the company allocated spaces are not fully occupied. For each parking zone a counter displays the number of available lots in real time. Vehicles movements within each parking
zone can be followed in a dedicated screen. Predefined process responses can be triggered when maximum capacity is reached.
Vehicle Counting Systems
An induction loop is often used for safety purposes but can also be used for practical purposes like free entry/exit.
Induction Loops
If revenue is needed from a car park pay on foot is the perfect solution for simple or complex revenue systems.
Pay on Foot

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